#2 – Anti-Aging Tip to Create Elegance, Grace and Beauty!

GIVE UP SUGAR! NO IF'S OR BUT'S!  If you want to stop struggling with your weight, have supple, smooth skin  AND boundless energy you simply must stop your consumption of sugar and sugar substitutes.  Not only does sugar fill you with empty calories that trick you into an energy high, you inevitably will fall flat, lacking energy  and feeling hungry, ready for something to quickly make you feel better.  Of course, you will quickly grab another snack that keeps you in that vicious cycle, creating an addiction.  I have worked with many that are literally hooked on sugar the same…

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#1 – Anti-Aging Tip to Start your New Year With Grace and Beauty!

  Re-Publishing because I'm newly motivated to take a stand for the AGING BABY-BOOMERS!  It's my intention to turn this blog into the go-to blog for solutions that come up as we get into our older years!   I will be publishing on a regular weekly basis and I invite comments and questions related to issues you are encountering.   So, wishing everyone a happy, joyful, healthy and prosperous 2017. #1 -  Anti-Aging Tip to Start your New Year With Grace and Beauty! I cannot over-emphasize the importance of POSTURE!  Please be mindful of yours whether standing, walking or sitting!…

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