Renee Devereaux, quien es una gran terapeuta con años de experiencia.

Quiero compartirles que la terapia que Renee practica me ha ayudado a superar situaciones muy difíciles que he pasado en la vida, he recuperado mi autoestima, no tengo miedo a tomar decisiones (que era algo que ere muy dificil para mi) y ahora me siento muy feliz y con ganas de superarme cada día porque se que puedo hacerlo.

Renee tiene la mejor manera de ayudarte a superar programaciones, accidentes, traumas, eventos, situaciones difíciles que hayas pasado y que no te permiten continuar con una vida feliz y saludable.po para empezar a vivir bien, saludables de cuerpo y alma.

Saludos y mucho amor

Larizza Osorio Estrada – SMA, Guanajuato.

Renee muchas gracias por tu ayuda, quiero agradecerte de todo corazón el que me hayas ayudado a encontrarme a mí misma de nuevo. Es un camino dificil pero ya no estoy perdida como al principio. Tengo más claridad en mis sentimientos y pensamientos, que me ayudan a seguir adelante con claridad y inteligencia.
Hay personas que han marcado mi vida de forma especial (para bien) y tu eres una de ellas.
Gracias por compartir tu energía conmigo!
Te mando un abrazo y espero verte pronto!
Hasta luego & Happy New Year!

Ari – Mexico
It was ever so eye opening seeing you… I’ll take courage as I plan my next move.
Shelley – Los Angeles


Just finished reading! Thank you for this book! I like how clean it is, and precise, to the point. In a few words I would put it this way: ‘You want to live fully, you can do it, and here how you can do it’.


Irina Walker – San Francisco

I think I have turned a corner! Why? Well, the good work you and I have been doing has given me a strong supportive base to build on. This foundation plus time has allowed my body to move to the next level of healing. My diet has been transformed thanks to you and I think I have found a new resource inside me that has allowed me to draw additional power to heal. I go to it regularly now. So, please know how instrumental you have been in getting me to a new place, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My sincere thanks.

Kyle L. – Mexico

Renée’s practice is solidly built on the foundation of truly excellent nutritional support, and that eases the process of improving your whole approach to food and drink. My goal was to live a long, healthy, and hospital-free life. As a side effect, without aiming to, I lost almost 20 pounds. At 57, I weigh the same as when I was 27, and friends have told me that I look younger, too.

Virginia B. – Colorado

During the past several weeks working with Renée I have noticed a remarkable shift in both my focus, energy, appearance and over all self-love and acceptance. Her program is comprehensive and deep, providing a foundation and context for various levels of change.What is unique about her work is that she draws from a variety of traditions and brings them together in a practical, and on-going study and healing. Some healers share and teach with little or no tangible results. Some give you instant fixes and green pill technology empty of personal meaning and acceptance. Renée does neither; instead she has worked with me to design my own plan of action and to bring forward a momentum and evolution of who I am in a very tangible, loving way. Additionally, I am empowered to show how I see myself and how I relate to my life and to what I can and will create. I look forward to the continued adventure.

Cynthia Springer – Coach, Speaker & Author – California

I wanted to write this letter to tell you how much I have benefited from the program of proper nutrition and healthy eating habits that you recommended for me.I had originally called about six “diet centers” before calling you and felt that none had much to offer other than a crash diet of milkshake drinks or prepackaged diet foods. These did not seem like a permanent lifestyle change and when I talked with you, your program seemed realistic and practical.Well, it’s been 6 1/2 weeks and my weight is down 26 lbs. and my body fat percentage has decreased substantially. I do not feel hungry or deprived of enough to eat—ever! My energy level is way up, and my work-outs are more effective. I do not intend to return to my old eating habits because, 1) I FEEL and LOOK so much better; 2) you have shown me that there is a great abundance of wholesome food choices. I’m not feeling like I’m missing out!I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help getting fat off and keeping it off! Thanks, again, for all your wisdom.

Robert B. – California

Thank you for the excellent service and support you’ve given me on your program. It has been a pleasure working with you and I am greatly appreciative of the positive results I am seeing! I didn’t believe rejuvenation was possible—now I’m seeing it happen!I’m thrilled to have lost 17 pounds and 20 inches in my first 9 weeks on the program. Your encouragement and thorough knowledge have helped me to learn to eat well while at the same time losing the weight and inches. The menus you have suggested have made the process painless and delicious.With the help of your expertise and counseling, I can happily say I have adopted new eating habits, self-care routines and an attitude towards life that defies aging!!

JoEllen B. – Washington