Programs & Packages

All programs are designed to restore SOULFUL RADIANCE — the state of being in which you will experience joy at the deepest level. SOULFUL RADIANCE occurs from the inside out. It is a state of being in which you are at peace with your conscience and in alignment with your Soul’s mission on Earth. Even though this state of being is our birthright, we live without it and do everything to compensate for what we know to be missing and yet we cannot even define or access. I have a calling that restores SOULFUL RADIANCE to the individual who is willing to dive within and make contact with the Source of peace, love and beauty where each person finds joy in every moment. It is profound work that impacts the very core of your heart and Soul so you can be who you are meant to be, expressing your true SELF and fulfilling your PURPOSE!

Through  my personal healing and my long career in the healing arts, I believe that the body, as the voice of the Soul, is a self-healing mechanism if provided with proper nourishment through diet, lifestyle changes, and positive reinforcement to the conscious/subconscious.  It is my intention to assist each client in achieving a Soulful Radiance —- mind, body, Soul integration — through energy healing (Shamanic practice), hypnotherapy, nutrition and skills acquired and developed through my training in  TCM, Oriental Diagnosis, and New German Medicine.

Dance Artistry & Self-Expression

4-Week Program – Private Instruction – Two one-hour sessions per week – Contact me for Scheduling and Pricing
Group and Advanced Classes are priced separately . Please ask for information

SPECIALS: Single 90 minute sessions/evaluations/readings are $250; or, Purchase 3 Sessions for $550; or, 6 for $1,000 – 20% Discount through 3/31/2018 – Applicable to New Clients Only

Nutrition – Balanced eating that focuses on food as medicine and dismisses calorie counting!

Weight Management

  • – 12 Week Program – Wants to release/gain more than 25 pounds
  • – 6-Week Program – Wants to release/gain 10 -15 pounds

Rejuvenation through Nutrition *

  • – 12 Week Program

Mastering Your Life Coaching Comprehensive SOULFUL RADIANCE – 6 Month Program

  • – Releasing Patterns that Don’t Serve
    • Nutritional and Exercise Evaluation
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Counseling/Coaching
  • -Learning the Art of Being Healthy and Beautiful Forever
  • -Exploring the Wisdom of Beauty
  • – Creating the Life of Your Dreams
    • Discovering the Exquisite Self
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Counseling/Coaching
  • -Living with Soulful Radiance that you will never get over

MASTERY:  FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE through Creative Expression

.   Using PASSION as tool in development of TALENT and SKILLS


Physical Radiance

  • – 6 Week Program focusing on one of the following areas **
  • – Skin Care/Make up *
  • – Fashion – How You Present Yourself to the World
  • – Etiquette – Manners and Your Way of Being in the World

* Skin Care products, all Supplements and additional materials are charged separately

** Esthetic Services are available ONLY through this package.

Special notes:

Vacations and emergencies are excluded and must be made up. Discount applies when programs are paid in advance