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Welcome To Renee Devereaux's in-Box Healing Resource "Intuitive Healings"© 

Intuitive healings© is is my in-Box healing resource that I provide free of charge to help you on your journey towards life abundance in every area of your life. The reason why you experience the pain that you do is because of the beliefs and decisions you are making that eventually lead to the reality you are experiencing. To experience a different reality you must allow the internal healing of thought, emotion, and spirit in order to walk in the peace and love that can change your circumstances.

This complimentary love gift to you will provide you with insights, tips and simple thoughts to guide you along that journey, along with helpful resources discounts and announcements for when my latest blog post goes live or workshops I provide each year.

Also as a way of saying thank you for placing your trust in me, I'd like to give two free chapters of my E-Book The Ultimate Love Affair - Unconditional Self-Acceptance & Love

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Discover the necessary tools to create beauty in yourself and in every aspect of your life.
Learn to interpret the language of your very being by understanding the motivation for your behaviors
The meaning of illness and of the flaws you find objectionable.
Uncover the key to transforming yourself into a productive, fulfilled and beautiful you, naturally!

About Renee Devereaux

Renee Deveraux International educator and founder of the Devereaux Academy for creative expression, has worked for thirty-two years in the development of a powerful body of work that leaves people with a deep sense or purpose, peace, beauty and well-being she calls Soulful Radiance

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