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By Renee Devereaux
Are you aware that by 2025 29% of the population will be over 65? That really isn’t that far away. As you may be experiencing, the years pass by surprisingly fast and we often find ourselves suddenly thinking, “I’m not as young as I used to be!” or watch in panic as our cells, organs and bones start losing some of their function. We may begin to see and feel the decline and degeneration that many assume is the inevitable part of the “aging” process.

Senior Actors presentation of Monologues

I assure you, it’s never too early or too late to make the changes that will ensure a lifetime of health, vitality and beauty. The key is that you must start NOW!

Aging is inevitable as long as you’re alive. How you age and the quality of your life in your “older years” are determined by what you choose to do today. The improvement in well-being and beauty is cumulative. As is the loss.

Dance Cruise
Cruising with The Stars

In our current culture, many seek instant gratification that is promised through medications, surgeries, and/or fillers. I promise you that those decisions have consequences. There are no magic pills, surgeries or whatever that will instantly transform you without a long-range impact that will surprise you. Our system programs us into thinking that prescription medications are just a part of life. One of my clients whose mother is 93 had the unpleasant experience of being called by a nurse who accused her mother of being uncooperative and lying since the nurse would not accept that at her age her new patient did not take any medications. So few are the people who choose another manner of healing.

I encourage one and all to take steps and accept full responsibility for their health, fitness and beauty. A simple suggestion is to cut down on sugar, coffee and alcohol. Increasing consumption of vegetables is another. Become more active. Do not spend hours on end in front of the tv or computer. Make it a discipline to start weight training and do something aerobic for a minimum of twelve minutes at least three times a week.

When I speak of beauty I speak of the beauty that emanates from a peaceful, joyful and pain-free existence. It’s what I call Soulful Radiance and it cannot be bought. It’s something that we earn as we evolve spiritually by making the most of the gifts we’ve been granted and developing love and acceptance of ourselves and all others through the understanding of our humanity.

I’d like to think that rejuvenation is possible to those willing to take responsibility and develop the necessary disciplines. And, even if we may not be able to reverse aging, it’s at least possible to live out our lives being creative and fulfilling our spiritual destiny. As you can see, the photos show older, active seniors who choose to express themselves on the stage, others through dance. Wherever your passion lies, be willing to express it!