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Renee Devereaux’s Basic Plan for Regeneration

To My Dear Valued Past, Present and Future Clients: Happy New Year!

As we enter 2022, are you coming to the realization that our planet is undergoing a deep and spiritual transformation?  Where do you stand at this point in time?  Are you holding and demonstrating the courage of your convictions?  Are you prepared for whatever may transpire in the future?  How do you truly feel?  Do you dare venture into your depths and discover what feelings and emotions you may be harboring and suppressing?

These questions must be explored and answered if you are to feel healthy, centered, and strong no matter what befalls your personal reality.

Are you willing to do the “work” that is required to transform your life into one that is in alignment with your very Soul?  We incarnated so that we could experience life at this particular time and it is a perfect opportunity to become ALL that we have the potential of becoming!  Don’t waste this precious opportunity that is available to one and all!

I’ve relocated to Nevada, not to retire and die, but to continue doing what I’ve done in my 40+year career and that is to support others in their own personal transformation. 

I continue to offer telephone sessions to the Introductory and Intermediate Levels.  These programs are designed to restore integrity and well-being to each person who works with me.  Now in the stunningly beautiful Carson Valley, I’m able to offer a third level in the form of a SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP.  My work has always been on a one-on-one basis since it is a profound, individual journey that must be taken fully trusting the facilitator, me!  A state very difficult to achieve with others present!  Spiritual Boot Camp is a 3-week total immersion, in-person course available to anyone after completing the 4-week Introductory Work.  Please call me @ 775 434 9568 if interested in optimizing your Health and Well-being in 2022!  Please DO NOT TEXT.  Thank you.

Wishing you a spiritually blessed and glorious New Year,

Renee Devereaux

p.s.  And just as an aside: Religion is for those afraid of hell, Spirituality is for those who have been there!  The Work has nothing to do with religion!

A recent testimonial referring to Spiritual Boot Camp:

As I said to you in my verbal review, “Renee is able to accomplish things in 3 weeks that it would take a Jungian therapist 3 to 30 years to accomplish.”

That is if you want to do this work.  The work is deep, meaningful, painful, and transformative. You have to want to know yourself and you have to want to change.  “The truth will set you free.”

Personal anecdote:  I once sailed in the Chesapeake many years ago and when we dropped anchor from our beautiful boat, it would land in the yuckiest mud and sludge that I will ever see.  Diving down personally into that stuff is tough and fulfilling because one gets to clean off the anchor, bit by bit.  Or a lot at a time!

Yes, I have not even read over the notes yet from our work.  I feel stronger with better boundaries and know that I can accomplish things now that I could not before because some of my soul fragments have been re-instituted.  And whatever else happened…….

I am in awe of your work.  I know you gave it your all and I will forever and ever remember this golden ring of a lifesaver.  I cannot believe how much we did, from the mundane like quitting a long-standing pot habit, to cutting loose the evil entity, to understanding where I come from and how I have been mind-controlled, and ……

really reuniting with my father and feeling his LOVE.

God Bless you,